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*Student Organizations Resource Page (RSO)

Student organizations continue to grow and thrive at ERAU. With approximately 150 organizations, there are involvement opportunities for students of all interests. Being part of a student organization enables students to enhance leadership skills

3-D Printing Club at Embry-Riddle (3-D Printing Club)

This club was founded around the drafting field. This club will help you better your drafting abilities, and will have projects where you can use 3-D printers. We use, research, and expand 3-D printing technologies.

AcaBellas (Bellas)

The AcaBellas are an a cappella singing group at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University dedicated to singing and performing in the community.

Academic Advancement Center (AAC)

The Academic Advancement Center offers free tutoring in math, physics, chemistry and writing to undergraduate students in general education courses. We are now located on the 1st floor of the College of Arts and Sciences (under the dome)


Embry-Riddle's premier (and only) all-male a cappella vocal group.

Adams Hall & Wood Hall (A/Wood)

Adams Hall and Wood Hall are freshman residence halls located in the Student Village.

Admissions Events

Admissions events for prospective and accepted students

Aeronautical Science Department (AS)

An international center of excellence for academic education in Aeronautical Science (Professional Pilot), Aeronautics and Unmanned Aircraft Systems that provides the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to succeed in the global aviation community.

Aerospace Academy Alumni Association (AAAA)

A professional and social networking opportunity organization for former students of the Gaetz Aerospace Institute, formerly known as the Embry-Riddle Aerospace Academies

Aerospace Engineering (AE)

Aerospace Engineering

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